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Month: February, 2014

When Bowie Asks You to Dance, You Dance!

Daily Prompt: Let’s Dance

I can feel Bowie’s imaginary tongue slither all over my senses as he ordered me to put on my red shoes and dance.

I couldn’t really tell how he does it but when he sings, he sounds like he’s dragging this sexy serpent out of his music box through his half opened mouth. Then in some unexplained behavior, like a pull of a magnet, you automatically groove to his tune like this is the only chance you can connect to him. So you wriggle gracefully like the serpent while his serpentine tongue makes its way around your body. Before you know it, you had the best dance of your life and it doesn’t have to be horizontally.


Daily Prompt: Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This)

Daily Prompt: Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This)


I have yet to start my dream journal for I have the worst horrible nightmares possible from when I was a kid up until now. So horrific that I’d karate chop and triple kick whoever it was who was waking me thinking that the demons have come to get me in reality.

The earliest nightmare I remember was probably when I was 4-5 years old. I saw this old photo of me and, I think, that was taken during my first birthday. The party was over, all the guests have gone home and I was seated in my crib inside a dark room. A fraction of light was directed to my face so you can see in the photo that I was smiling. Maybe, for some reason, I found the smile creepy. It was indeed a dark room and there was no smiling matter when you’re kept in the shadows. I dreamt of the 1 year old me climbing out of the bed, out into the dark hall way and falling down the steps. The fall seemed like it went on for eternity but the smile! The smile was still plastered on my face. Before I’d crash down the pavement, I’d wake up, not smiling.

That was a recurring dream. It wasn’t only my earliest memory of a nightmare, it was one that haunted me until my college years.

If it weren’t that episode that came at night to spook me, it was a lot of different versions of running away from demons trying to kill me. I mean, what is going on in my subconsciousness that the nightmares it weaves seem to come from Elm Street! I wouldn’t mind if Johnny Depp were visiting me in my scariest dream state but he’s not there!

The freshest one was from last night. Is it possible that my soul was removed from my sleeping body and witnessed the slump of sleeping beauty that was me snoring on the edge of the bed? I even thought to myself how cool it was that I was a snorer. I always believed that if someone snores or even slumbers soundly in its pool of drool that that someone is having a dreamless and peaceful sleep one can ask for. So, yeah, cool that I was snoring last night. But that astral journey went on for only a split second because the nightmare came attacking me in sleep again.

Two strangers went to our house and I didn’t wanna let them in because I didn’t know any of them and I still have to call someone to entertain those strangers. But they were persistent. Forcing themselves in with blank faces that stared right through me. They punched a hole through the door and managed to wriggle their way inside. I found myself running towards the back of the house then the setting switched. I then found myself running in to our old house. And I knew that if that house came into the picture, the next scene to follow wouldn’t be a nice one.

Found my mom in their old room and there wasn’t a sense of urgency in her despite the fact that I was frantic and wet-myself-scared! So I called for help from another person in the house and there was no answer. My screaming seemed muffled and no one can really hear a thing I was saying. The strangers came. I wasn’t really at all prepared for their coming so hiding somewhere was a failure on my part. But they were so strange that they just kept staring blankly into space. Eventhough I was within their peripheral, they didn’t notice me at all. They were about to retreat and I was about to heave a sigh of relief when my mother spoke! They turned around and found me. The action scene was pretty intense and brutal but don’t worry, I was winning. Before gore became more visual in my head, I woke up.

I usually forget what I dreamt of the second I open my eyes but that one kept going until I was done smoking my nth stick of cig that night. I was trying to smoke to forget but it stayed in my head.

So I smoked. I waited for dusk. I waited for Johnny Depp. But the only thing that came was sleep again Luckily, this time, it was a dreamless state. Whew!

Weekly Writing Challenge: Object

She is obsessed. Determined to have that perfect size. She isn’t even big to begin with.

Her boobs are perky, her waist an hourglass shape and she’s got gams that goes on and on! So all in all, I’d say yawza!

Unfortunately, she doesn’t have the perfect vital stats and that’s what’s messing with her head. It’s not enough that all the guys would do a double take when she walks on by. She craves for the Penelope Cruz action from that scene on Woman On Top – where Penelope walks down the street and all the men would follow.

Come on! This isn’t Hollywood! It’s real life! The closest she can get to that is the double look and a smile from the opposite sex when she passes by. But that’s not good enough.

I would hear her complain that her jugs weren’t bouncing when she walks. It’s as if she wants her milky magnolias to look like they’re about to explode from her shirt. Plus, she thinks her legs look awkward because they’re freakishly long. She even whined about the small flab from her tummy when sitting down! Wow! Talk about vanity. That small flab kept her focused on having a crash diet. She’s starving herself to perfection and sometimes doesn’t even drink water at all! She fears that too much H2O gives her that excess fat. What kind of a ding dong would believe in such a thing??

That ding dong grew up fat. She loved to eat!! She was a cute chubby girl who would want to play with the others out on the street without getting tired easily or asking for a time out because the inside of her legs rubbed together. She saw her older skinny sister grew up with tons of boys calling her up and hanging around the house. She was ridiculed by little boys when she couldn’t run as fast. To top it off, she hated that she sweats too much! She found herself ugly and with that, she hated herself!

When she reached high school, she posted a picture of her chubby self on the mirror so that would be the first thing she’d see in the morning. She tried all kinds of diet and worked out non stop!

Finally, she lost weight. Lots of it. She killed the fat girl inside and she’s living in this drought until she gets to see the centerfold girl staring right back at her when she looks at her reflection in the mirror.

Daily Prompt: Nothin’ But A Good Time

Oh man! How I crave for quiet.

My day is usually spent running. I have to make sure that I’m alert for work and still see the goings on at home – that includes cooking, mommy duties, cleaning and laundry. If I get, say, 2 hours of ‘me’ time, I’d have to choose whether I’d bogart the TV, read a book or catch up on my ZZZZzzzzsss. But having one day. One whole day! That, my friends, is the time to fulfill the gypsy in me. Let’s not waste it by trying to do something responsible! I mean, hang loose! It’s my time to forget about everything else and have fun!

Before having a kid, I’d go around the country. Go to places I’ve never been to, take photos, weave poems in my head and meet strangers. That luxury had long been forgotten when my little wonder came in to this world. Not that I’m complaining but to do that again is something that I’ve been dreaming for for years.

So when I get one day to myself, I’d probably be heading some place exotic and walk around. Talk to people or possibly even play tunes and get them to sing along. Dive into their culture. Eat! Celebrate life and have soulful connections with ones that I jive with. When too drunk to play, I’d stare out in to the horizon, swirl in a bed of thoughts and laze away. Sadly, the end has come and it’s time to go back to reality. I’d take out my book, read while waiting for the bus and on the way home. That way, my escape has never really ended. But my journey to the next world has just begun.


Weekly Photo Challenge : Threes

The workplace, One of the tools, The worker


The process, The arrangement, The finished product


Abandoned space, Two couches, The haunted one


Daily Prompt: New Sensation

I have to make sure that I always make a statement.

When everybody’s going after the smooth straight locks, I sport an unruly, wild mane. When everybody’s into doll shoes, I walk around in my cowboy boots. Up until now, when I walk in to my work place, even after having worked there for a couple of years, people still give me a weirded out look. They don’t get me but I don’t give a shit. I feel comfortable and confident and I know damn well how I am rocking the look.

I was born in 1980 and grew up in the 90s listening to grunge. While everyone was sporting a cut off jeans over white shirt and bulldogs, I was clad in granny dress, ripped tights and boots. But before I took a conscious decision who to listen to, my growing years were spent listening to tunes from the 70s. Well, 60s and 70s but I have a soft spot for the latter and have always thought that it had always been my spiritual birthplace. Hence, the retro look.

Here’s a picture of a young me in elephant pants and elevator shoes:


While most of us passed through a lot of phases – from mod


to Cindy Lauper-ish


to just plain weird,


I never really left my spiritual birthplace.

This is me, circa now:




Weekly Writing Challenge: The Sound of SIlence

Despite the noisy background, the bluntness of my nature and the angry character, there is still a silence that surrounds me. The silence that I nurture. The silence that I vow to remain muted forever. Much like the small letter i. There is a strong yet meek dot that hovers above it. But it gets forgotten. Sometimes that dot is removed but we all understand that it’s the same letter. As for me, the silence that I treasure defines me. Even if it remains unknown, we all know that i is me.

Daily Prompt: The Sincerest Form of Flattery

Daily Prompt: The Sincerest Form of Flattery

The way Eddie Vedder’s ballads flow inside me is very much how Stone Gossard described how he took over the band – slow, gradual and respectful. But something happens at the same time. I melt with the song simultaneously. Together, we swirl in rapture, waltzing towards the infinite darkness of the outer space. The process of 2 entities transforming into one powerful being is in the works until I become the song. He invades my soul but the experience to me was totally tantric.
I am the song. I echo through the halls, vibrate on every corner, bounce up the ceiling and down the floor and travel in sound wave out the windows. My breath is the guitar strums, my feet are the beat of the drums. My fingers are bass slapping, my whole face radiating with energy is singing. But this is all mine. So when I start walking where I usually tread, I cut through the vibe in a weird piercing sound. I don’t belong. But Eddie and I, we blend. We blend real well. And it’s all right.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Treasure

I’m a very sentimental person and I hold on to a lot of stuff -from inexpensive trinkets to vintage finds. But this photo captures those that I baby the most.
First, of course, is my little girl who we just adore. She drives us nuts but keeps us sane too.
Most of the time, I tend to fly off to another world with my constant daydreaming but this girl keeps me grounded. I am in the ‘now’, aware of my surroundings and really discovering the amazing feeling of being a mother.
Next are my ukulele and guitar. I am a music lover. I drown in music, swirling in awesome cosmic vortex tunes. This is where I fly and get high in the beauty, rawness and soulfulness of rock n roll. Hopefully, I am able to translate how I feel from playing these 2 babies.
These are my soul uplifters and I treasure them with all my life hoping that all of you were able to find something that makes you glow and grateful for being alive.

Daily Prompt: It’s Friday I’m In Love

Daily Prompt: It's Friday I'm In Love

it used to be sheer bliss
despite my burning eyes because of sleepless nights
contemplating and replaying the times we’ve spent
as if drugged
my vision clouded with the sight of your face
… i smile
now my eyes are swollen because of sleepless nights
here i am.. reflecting on what happened wrong
and once again I’m here alone
with my soda, untouched
and my cigar, unpuffed
staring out… perplexed
and breaking down to sobs