Tuning In, Rocking Out, Connecting

by snippetsandwords

Tuning In, Rocking Out, Connecting

There are lots of possible effects when listening to awesome tunes. You could either feel like singing along or grooving to it. Sometimes, you just surrender and let the sounds float you to oblivion. But the effect that I love most is feeling grateful – grateful and inspired.

There I am, just sitting still, soaking the music in, sometimes even shaking my head in disbelief that such power exists. Then I reach the point when I wanna say something back. So I grab my pen and paper and write a song. Not one that I think would sound like someone else but something that would sound just like me – hoping that somehow I was able to get my point across. And without even knowing it, somebody out there is in a trance. Listening to my song and writing something back.

Now, wouldn’t that be an awesome chain of conversation?