Weekly Writing Challenge: Leave Your Shoes At the Door

by snippetsandwords

  • Pick a stranger, family member, or friend. Imagine a day in their life. Give us insight. Give us detail. Don’t just tell us about the other perspective, make us forget that you don’t live it every day. How does the homeless man on the street corner see you? What’s on your mother’s mind minutes before you visit? Does your boss like her office chair, or does the squeaking sound drive her crazy, too? Aim for two or three paragraphs.

No matter how old you get, you’re never really gonna be taken seriously by your folks – in my case, my mom. I’m turning 34 this month and she still sees me as the irresponsible angsty rebel I once was. And for some strange reason, I start acting like a 12 year old again. I dunno with you, but moms usually have that power over us. No matter how accomplished you’ve been or how great you are in running the household or raising your kid, it’s never enough!  Maybe that could be the reason why we tend to feel ultra sensitive around them. They always manage to burst our confidence and somehow make us feel like the perpetual loser. Or is it just me?


Because of this, I vowed to be a grown up to my partner and my kid. So, I go by 3 codes: clean house, well thought of food on the table and a satisfied lover.

Clean house

A spotless home pretty much states how organized you are. It says that you don’t neglect things and somehow, you want everything to be perfect.

Well Thought-Of Food

I wanna be able to raise my kid and let her grow up eating food her Mama’s way. Besides, I love to cook. After taking over the kitchen 4 years ago, topped with my love for eating, I can’t wait to get in there and whip up something for my family. Eating is a celebration. So I try to come up with new ways to prepare a dish and have an endless goal of finding out what makes my family happy.

Volcano in the Sack

We’d get in there and start fooling around. After 12 years of being together, the electricity just keeps on charging. With just one look, heat starts blazing. And I vow to still be a great lover until we’re too old to shag.

I believe that being able to do all these makes one a successful wife, mom and person. Plus somehow, without the help from my mom or anybody else, we got there. We were able to do it on our own and that makes me happy.

Or so I thought. Could all these be because I need some sort of validation from my mom and finally get the respect I have been craving for? Being so focused in getting my 3 codes done on a daily basis could get really stressful and somehow, I end up being a total bitch. I get too cranky and I feel that I need a vacation after dealing with physical, mental and emotional stress all the time. My vacation? Drinking.

My daily habit of drinking might be the reason why there’s a dent in the atmosphere at home. Yeah, we’re happy. Sure! My lover is my best bud. We don’t always fight and we take care of each other very well. But the happy and perfect vibe I originally wanted, isn’t really panning out. A close friend of mine once said that I have to sober up to see the brutal truth than be oblivious to the ugly. Maybe the booze is what’s blinding me to see what’s really been happening. So when 2014 hit, I started drinking less, I do my daily detox and resorted back to yoga and meditation for calmness to take over. My goal is to cleanse my body, mind and spirit. In doing that, I know that everything else will follow smoothly.

A month had gone by after the year had started and I feel good about myself. I feel stronger. Then my mom calls. I don’t give her the 101 about what I’ve been dealing with and accomplishing so far. So she yaks about the same things. It’s fine. I’ll let her treat me like a baby. After all, I am her baby. I just have to trust myself in not letting anything she says get me down. Anyway, I know I’ve been good and I have the perfect partner to make me feel good about myself. So, I move forward, inhaling the good vibes and exhaling the bad ones out.