Weekly Photo Challenge: Treasure

by snippetsandwords

Weekly Photo Challenge: Treasure

I’m a very sentimental person and I hold on to a lot of stuff -from inexpensive trinkets to vintage finds. But this photo captures those that I baby the most.
First, of course, is my little girl who we just adore. She drives us nuts but keeps us sane too.
Most of the time, I tend to fly off to another world with my constant daydreaming but this girl keeps me grounded. I am in the ‘now’, aware of my surroundings and really discovering the amazing feeling of being a mother.
Next are my ukulele and guitar. I am a music lover. I drown in music, swirling in awesome cosmic vortex tunes. This is where I fly and get high in the beauty, rawness and soulfulness of rock n roll. Hopefully, I am able to translate how I feel from playing these 2 babies.
These are my soul uplifters and I treasure them with all my life hoping that all of you were able to find something that makes you glow and grateful for being alive.