Daily Prompt: Nothin’ But A Good Time

by snippetsandwords

Oh man! How I crave for quiet.

My day is usually spent running. I have to make sure that I’m alert for work and still see the goings on at home – that includes cooking, mommy duties, cleaning and laundry. If I get, say, 2 hours of ‘me’ time, I’d have to choose whether I’d bogart the TV, read a book or catch up on my ZZZZzzzzsss. But having one day. One whole day! That, my friends, is the time to fulfill the gypsy in me. Let’s not waste it by trying to do something responsible! I mean, hang loose! It’s my time to forget about everything else and have fun!

Before having a kid, I’d go around the country. Go to places I’ve never been to, take photos, weave poems in my head and meet strangers. That luxury had long been forgotten when my little wonder came in to this world. Not that I’m complaining but to do that again is something that I’ve been dreaming for for years.

So when I get one day to myself, I’d probably be heading some place exotic and walk around. Talk to people or possibly even play tunes and get them to sing along. Dive into their culture. Eat! Celebrate life and have soulful connections with ones that I jive with. When too drunk to play, I’d stare out in to the horizon, swirl in a bed of thoughts and laze away. Sadly, the end has come and it’s time to go back to reality. I’d take out my book, read while waiting for the bus and on the way home. That way, my escape has never really ended. But my journey to the next world has just begun.