Daily Prompt: Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This)

by snippetsandwords

Daily Prompt: Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This)

Daily Prompt: Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This)


I have yet to start my dream journal for I have the worst horrible nightmares possible from when I was a kid up until now. So horrific that I’d karate chop and triple kick whoever it was who was waking me thinking that the demons have come to get me in reality.

The earliest nightmare I remember was probably when I was 4-5 years old. I saw this old photo of me and, I think, that was taken during my first birthday. The party was over, all the guests have gone home and I was seated in my crib inside a dark room. A fraction of light was directed to my face so you can see in the photo that I was smiling. Maybe, for some reason, I found the smile creepy. It was indeed a dark room and there was no smiling matter when you’re kept in the shadows. I dreamt of the 1 year old me climbing out of the bed, out into the dark hall way and falling down the steps. The fall seemed like it went on for eternity but the smile! The smile was still plastered on my face. Before I’d crash down the pavement, I’d wake up, not smiling.

That was a recurring dream. It wasn’t only my earliest memory of a nightmare, it was one that haunted me until my college years.

If it weren’t that episode that came at night to spook me, it was a lot of different versions of running away from demons trying to kill me. I mean, what is going on in my subconsciousness that the nightmares it weaves seem to come from Elm Street! I wouldn’t mind if Johnny Depp were visiting me in my scariest dream state but he’s not there!

The freshest one was from last night. Is it possible that my soul was removed from my sleeping body and witnessed the slump of sleeping beauty that was me snoring on the edge of the bed? I even thought to myself how cool it was that I was a snorer. I always believed that if someone snores or even slumbers soundly in its pool of drool that that someone is having a dreamless and peaceful sleep one can ask for. So, yeah, cool that I was snoring last night. But that astral journey went on for only a split second because the nightmare came attacking me in sleep again.

Two strangers went to our house and I didn’t wanna let them in because I didn’t know any of them and I still have to call someone to entertain those strangers. But they were persistent. Forcing themselves in with blank faces that stared right through me. They punched a hole through the door and managed to wriggle their way inside. I found myself running towards the back of the house then the setting switched. I then found myself running in to our old house. And I knew that if that house came into the picture, the next scene to follow wouldn’t be a nice one.

Found my mom in their old room and there wasn’t a sense of urgency in her despite the fact that I was frantic and wet-myself-scared! So I called for help from another person in the house and there was no answer. My screaming seemed muffled and no one can really hear a thing I was saying. The strangers came. I wasn’t really at all prepared for their coming so hiding somewhere was a failure on my part. But they were so strange that they just kept staring blankly into space. Eventhough I was within their peripheral, they didn’t notice me at all. They were about to retreat and I was about to heave a sigh of relief when my mother spoke! They turned around and found me. The action scene was pretty intense and brutal but don’t worry, I was winning. Before gore became more visual in my head, I woke up.

I usually forget what I dreamt of the second I open my eyes but that one kept going until I was done smoking my nth stick of cig that night. I was trying to smoke to forget but it stayed in my head.

So I smoked. I waited for dusk. I waited for Johnny Depp. But the only thing that came was sleep again Luckily, this time, it was a dreamless state. Whew!