Weekly Writing Challenge: Object

by snippetsandwords

Weekly Writing Challenge: Object

She is obsessed. Determined to have that perfect size. She isn’t even big to begin with.

Her boobs are perky, her waist an hourglass shape and she’s got gams that goes on and on! So all in all, I’d say yawza!

Unfortunately, she doesn’t have the perfect vital stats and that’s what’s messing with her head. It’s not enough that all the guys would do a double take when she walks on by. She craves for the Penelope Cruz action from that scene on Woman On Top – where Penelope walks down the street and all the men would follow.

Come on! This isn’t Hollywood! It’s real life! The closest she can get to that is the double look and a smile from the opposite sex when she passes by. But that’s not good enough.

I would hear her complain that her jugs weren’t bouncing when she walks. It’s as if she wants her milky magnolias to look like they’re about to explode from her shirt. Plus, she thinks her legs look awkward because they’re freakishly long. She even whined about the small flab from her tummy when sitting down! Wow! Talk about vanity. That small flab kept her focused on having a crash diet. She’s starving herself to perfection and sometimes doesn’t even drink water at all! She fears that too much H2O gives her that excess fat. What kind of a ding dong would believe in such a thing??

That ding dong grew up fat. She loved to eat!! She was a cute chubby girl who would want to play with the others out on the street without getting tired easily or asking for a time out because the inside of her legs rubbed together. She saw her older skinny sister grew up with tons of boys calling her up and hanging around the house. She was ridiculed by little boys when she couldn’t run as fast. To top it off, she hated that she sweats too much! She found herself ugly and with that, she hated herself!

When she reached high school, she posted a picture of her chubby self on the mirror so that would be the first thing she’d see in the morning. She tried all kinds of diet and worked out non stop!

Finally, she lost weight. Lots of it. She killed the fat girl inside and she’s living in this drought until she gets to see the centerfold girl staring right back at her when she looks at her reflection in the mirror.