Daily Prompt: Always Something There to Remind Me

by snippetsandwords

Daily Prompt: Always Something There to Remind Me

Daily Promp: Always Something There to Remind Me

Not so much a flashback but music transports me to a different world. There was a time when I listened to nothing but The Beatles for 3 years. Right now, Pearl Jam is my current addiction. Here are a few snippets of what I wrote about them and their music:

I feel like a floating entity that is brought to life by a certain song – whatever song i’m crazy about. I squat in this space where i’m in for a period of time and get freedom from this isolation. But something sits in my brain at the same time. Something that is gnawing away at my thoughts -That this could be fucked up. That maybe i’m facing a serious identity crisis situation. Or maybe i’m just way too hooked with this romance i have with music? This love affair that never ends ’til i jump off to another lover – may it be another artist or another song, It doesn’t matter. It just never ends. Right now, Ed gives oxygen into my hungry soul and i am alive.

I walk around with a different vibe. As if disconnected to reality. Living in an alternate universe where Pearl Jam just exploded. A smile is plastered on my face as if i carry a secret that only Eddie and I know. I twirl and walk with a rhythm, trotting to the bass playing of Jeff. I flip and toss my Abruzzese-ish mane, in sync with his crash thumping on the drums. My spirit sky rockets with Stone’s superb skills and i get suspended at the same time with Mike’s lead. Overwhelmed and blown over, I don’t give a rats ass if I’m residing in grunge planet. I’ll travel back in time soon. Right now, I’m enjoying my citizenship at rock world. So with my bony fingers, i raise my hand in a rock n roll salute. I’ll see you soon, mates.

Footsteps by pearl jam is my new obsession. It puts me in an immediate zone. Locking me in a bubble where the push and pull of emotion is so powerful you’d think my imaginary universe would soon burst with intensity – with the commanding presence of eddie’s voice, stone’s overwhelming guitar riffs and how the melody of the harmonica cradles me like a baby. Mixed with the energy i give out, my cold and clammy hands and the tears i shed you’d know that the chemical composition of this planet is a paradox. The perfect mix of a soulful ride. So don’t you burst my bubble. Let me enjoy my Footsteps flight.

Pearl Jam’s Parachutes sounds as if it’s out from a Revolver album. Come to think of it, there is kind of a Double Fantasy ring to it too. Which ever. All I’m saying is I can definitely taste Beatles flavor there, whether during the Beatles era or John Lennon post Beatles era. What makes it Pearl Jam? Eddie’s golden fucking baritone, man! Despite the song’s somber vibe, I was smiling. I liked the mix of flavors. And when Eddie sighed his hushed cry, the wind swept me up, in sync with my tunes, and carried me like a parachute the rest of my way home last night. High. Nothing could be better than being lifted by an Eddie sigh. I love you, Ed!

I’m still in an Avocato state of mind but I decided to hitch a ride with my Singles OST instead. I was enjoying the high of getting lost to the music that I totally forgot the sequence of this tape. So when Pearl Jam’s turn was on I felt my head swell, my jaw drop and I only realized that they took my breath away when I had to steady my breathing after the first stanza. I took a long soulful pause, shut my eyes, finished their 2 songs and switched back to Avocato. Next flight, Parachutes.

Rapt in fascination from Mike’s solo in Alive, I taxied to work in slow zigzags to the tune of his guitar playing only to realize that I have landed on the moon instead. I am amazed and jealous on how they can translate their emotions through epic, ear bleeding solos. I’d give it a shot and the sound it produced was literally ear bleeding. Nothing righteous, man. Instead of grooving to the musical ecstasy of my guitar licks, here I am licking my wounds in defeat instead. We’ll leave the adlibs and the solos to the likes of Mike. I can definitely feel him through his playing anyway. Maybe we’ll settle with that for now. In the meantime, let’s enjoy the tunes no gravity style.

The chorus part of Mind Your Manners (Pearl Jam’s new single) has a punk Elvis Presley ring to it. Such a turn on! So sexy that I got cross eyed just imagining Ed sing it. I shake my head to remedy my eyesight but found myself getting lost again in my cross eyed state of swooning and drooling over Ed. Oh man. Can’t wait for the album to be out. In the meantime, I’ve got Mind Your Manners… sslllrrppp! Excuse me.

Damn Eddie! You just keep on surprising me. Your Chloe Dancer/Crown of Thorns version almost gave me a heart attack. The Aphrodite in me totally lost its cool. I go giggling like a school girl to bawling like a baby at the beauty of your singing. In other words, I’ve gone ape shit, man. You come here and fix it.

As usual, I was tuned in
then Of the Girl came on
so I turned it up
and of course, got turned on.
But I kept flipping out to the guitar sound
for the twanging messes with my head
but soon mellowed down
to the soothing vocals of my Ed