Daily Prompt: Talking In Your Sleep

by snippetsandwords

Daily Prompt: Talking In Your Sleep

Everybody wants to hear a juicy story.

But not when it concerns your mother! Oooohhh.. how I shudder at the mere thought of it.

Little Lota was a daddy’s girl. But she loved her mom very much too. She looked up to her and considered her as one of her heroes. But when daddy grew ill and passed away, she was devastated. How can a young girl cope with such a traumatic event?
But she did. Her mom moved heaven and earth just to provide her and her siblings everything despite being a single parent to 3 young kids.

Seeing that her mother worked very hard for the family, Little Lota, when not so little anymore, knew she had to help out and be doubly strong in regaining the whole family’s strength back.

Time had passed and the mother found a ‘friend’. The dad’s whole clan was against the mom seeing someone new – banning her in their own circle as if she committed such a heinous crime but she stood her ground. She knew she did everything she could to be a perfect wife and be a loving mother and didn’t neglect her duties of being both. Having a friend is not such a bad thing.

But Lota hated the guy! She rebelled against everything the mom said. She drank as hard as she can but soon realized that her mom needed their support in this. She, in fact, also deserved to be happy. So the 3 kids were the first to understand.

Now that everything was out in the open, the mom would slowly open up to them, especially to Lota since she was the eldest of the three. She wouldn’t really give her a hug when her mom was down since she was still uncomfortable of the fact that she’s seeing another man but she gave encouraging words and tried consoling her at her time of need.

Years had passed, Lota was living in with her fiancé and her mom was still seeing the guy. They had their monthly lunch out and Lota had to borrow her mom’s phone. She accidentally read the boyfriend’s message and it read:

“The sex was awesome last night, darling.
Can’t wait to take off your clothes tonight.”

Sure, she knows the two are probably doing the deed but she doesn’t need to imagine it! And seeing that message instantly flashed images of the two getting at it!

Goosebumps on goosebumps formed on her arms and prickly hair stood at the back of her neck while she cringed and grimaced at the thought of her mom and the guy together. In bed. Naked. Having fun.

She made up an excuse that she had to do something and ran off. Confused and maybe hurt, she didn’t know where to go but she drove home and headed straight to the bar, called out to her fiancé to give her a double shot and gulped it down in less than a second.


‘The sex was awesome last night, darling. Can’t wait to take off your clothes tonight’ was still flashing in her head.

Another double!

After indulging in an almost empty bottle, the image of the message was a blur.

But the soggy boobs and the loose skinned butt is all she can still see. She’ll get used to it. But she’s probably gonna have to pass up on lunch next month.

Until soggy boobs and loose skinned butt is out of the picture, lunch will be back to normal.