Weekly Writing Challenge: The Golden Years

by snippetsandwords

Weekly Writing Challenge: The Golden Years

Maybe there are different levels of being vain.

When you were younger and everything’s pointing up or even falls at the right places, you embrace your youth and adored how you look. You owned the world.

But when the perkiness starts to sag and you know you gotta hide the unnecessary flabs behind spanx, you now spend more time getting your puppies in the right places, trying to revive how you once looked.

And when the creases are now becoming more defined, you apply all kinds of mud, oil, fruit or lotion and you lather yourself back to your 20s.

So yeah, maybe there are different levels of being vain but these are all vain obsessions with retaining youth and beauty. It’s the grade of vanity that becomes heavier as you age.

Wow, vanity sure becomes a waste of time but hey, I still got time to waste!