Weekly Photo Challenge: Reflections

by snippetsandwords

Image(This is my reflection seen on bathroom tiles.)

Distorted Contorted

Sometimes you can’t help but get seduced by the aura a new acquaintance emanates. Bold, mysterious, free. As if they reflect who you’re supposed to be.

You get confused and betray your responsibilities. You thought you’ve fallen in love thinking that you have found your twin soul.

All logic disappears right before your eyes.

With them, you feel alive and the goals you once had seem to be getting closer when you’re together. You look back into your life and find that you’re not happy – your childhood dreams gone; you’re freedom died a long time ago; you’ve become somebody you’ve never thought you’d be.

But this is all just an illusion. Perhaps, a way to escape your reality. And when you’ve realized this and ponder on your mistakes, you find yourself staring at your distorted and unpretty image. You now realize that this contorted reflection could even be more real than reality.